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The Leadership Project is a new movement with a vision To Inspire All Leaders to Challenge the Status Quo. We want to empower modern leaders through knowledge and emotional intelligence to create meaningful impact. We hope that you join our community to share knowledge, experience, and wisdom on leadership. We will have a weekly podcast and regular blog articles designed to stimulate conversation and debate. ​
At the Leadership Project, we empower leaders with the knowledge and skills they need to create amazing teams and amazing workspaces so that people fall back in love with their jobs again. We are driven by the leadership crises that we see in the world with only 16 - 20% of people loving their jobs and liking their boss. Leaders are responsible for the place where people are spending up to 1/3 of their lives. We show leaders how to give people purpose and meaning in what they do and to create environments where people can do their very best work. Where voices are heard and opinions valued and where everyone feels that they matter. Join us on this journey as we learn together and lead together.


To Inspire All Leaders to Challenge the Status Quo


  • To empower and enable leaders to create amazing teams and workspaces where people

  • have purpose and meaning in what they do;​

  • feel their voices are heard and their opinions are valued;

  • feel psychologically safe to show up as their authentic self; 

  • feel like they individually and collectively matter


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