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How a self-managed Digital Marketing Agency elevated the digital presence of Lighthouse Group

Customers cannot avail of a service they do not know about. Having a solid digital presence that speaks your primary avatar’s language is vital in standing out in a cluttered market. Through the Leadership Project’s done-for-you digital marketing services tailored specifically for leadership companies, we helped Lighthouse Group elevate their brand, generate market-qualified leads and establish thought leadership.


  1. To maximise Impact and Growth, Lighthouse seeks to increase its top-of-funnel marketing through to generation of more market-qualified leads.

  2. To increase brand awareness and thought leadership credibility with its target market through to qualification of leads that are primed and ready.

  3. To create a digital marketing campaign to introduce the Lighthouse Transformation Partners - each bringing a wealth of industry experience having served as executives and leaders of large organizations worldwide.


Partnership Highlights:

  1. 23% growth in Lighthouse Group’s LinkedIn account followers within 7 months.

  2. Increased market-qualified leads through webinar promotion on Linkedin and email marketing, consistent branding, and post-event highlights to follow through webinar attendees

  3. Provided an in-depth analysis of Lighthouse Group’s existing website performance and improved its capacity for a seamless client experience



“Lighthouse highly recommends ‘The Leadership Project’ for their exceptional Digital Marketing services. The quality of the TLP teams work, combined with their speed of response ensures every activity reflects our brand, communication intent and is delivered in our business context. With a deep understanding of how to optimise social media and their integrated approach, TLP truly are a one-stop shop, covering everything from website development to videography and socials”. - Mark Emerson, Managing Partner - The Lighthouse Group

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