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Video Editing Timeline

Bringing a Brand to Life through Video and Motion Graphics

The training and education company was formed in 2013 by a group of senior negotiation professionals to provide bespoke, client-focused and practical negotiation services to small businesses and large corporations, multinationals and government organisations.


In an effort to differentiate themselves in their niche market, the company sought the help of The Leadership Project to create bite-sized curated videos that would make their prospective clients want more of their services.


  1. To create consistent branding guidelines for aided recall in all marketing materials

  2. To establish trust and credibility with its prospective clients by educating them through short-form videos

  3. To create short, engaging videos that will catch the attention of its prospective clients



  1. Animated Logo

  2. Sample Curated Video with B-rolls

  3. Behind-the-scenes setup




Investing in video content is an effective way to capture your audience in a digital world where every brand is fighting for your attention. This makes it a valuable asset in your marketing campaign, leading to brand awareness, customer affinity, and long-term growth.

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