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Public Speaking


Are you looking for a keynote speaker for your conference? A speaker to bring new perspectives and energy to your next leadership or sales conference? Or a facilitator for your next vital team workshop?


                   no further than Mick Spiers.  Mick is a highly sought after and gifted communicator with the ability to command presence on international stages.  He establishes a deep connection with your audience.  His unique and enthralling approach will engage your people and get them to reflect and look deeply within.  He challenges your audience to stop, reflect and rethink what it means to be a leader in a modern world.   He challenges your leaders to step up their game and take their responsibility as a leader with an heightened sense of accountability. He challenges people to shift to an influential mindset that enables leaders to inspire people into meaningful action and multiply their impact.


Grounded in science, Mick shows people what it takes to be a high-performance leader and inspires them through positive psychology to become the best leader they can be.

Watch this 2 min video to learn how I can help ensure your next event is a home run success!

Most Popular Speeches Include:

About Mick Spiers and Leadership Project

Hi, I'm Mick Spiers

Mick Spiers is the Founder of the Leadership Project and host of The Leadership Project podcast. He has enjoyed a long and successful career as an industry-leading executive and thought leader in the world of urban mobility, leading multiple global business units and brands for multinational companies. 

“We are facing an engagement crisis in the workplace”. Recent research has shown that only 16% of people in the world truly love their job and like their boss. It is a tragedy that people are spending up to 1/3 of their lives in jobs and workplaces that do not inspire them and where they struggle to find meaning and purpose. 

Mick’s ultimate goal is to create a world where people have purpose and meaning in their work; where people feel that their opinions are valued; and ultimately feel that they matter.

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