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The Future World of Work: Is Remote Work Here to Stay?

Updated: Apr 7

It is March 15, 2020. Rumors of a lockdown start to roam the streets. Everyone is advised to stock up on face masks, toilet papers and other commodities. This unknown virus seems to be lethal, and there is no known cure just yet to keep it from spreading like wildfire.

What I expected to last for a week, became a 3-year pandemic. The term “work-from-home” became the norm, and while offices have started to open their doors to report back to office, remote work has emerged as a game-changer from the way companies, both big and small, have been operating for the past few years. Enhanced productivity and efficiency is greater now more than ever. This paved the way for business owners, startup entrepreneurs, and even professionals looking to maximize productivity to hire virtual assistants from different parts of the world.

TLP Superstars
TLP Superstars

You might be asking, is virtual assistance for me? Is remote work here to stay? Here are three considerations to determine whether or not this setup is for you:

  • You have tasks that you can easily delegate.

More than the core, strategic tasks, it is the daily administrative activities which take up much of one’s time in a day. Through virtual assistance, you can easily delegate the repetitive, menial tasks so you can maximize your productive hours.

  • You want to scale your business without breaking the bank

Hiring virtual assistants can multiply your hours in a day, and it gives you a high level of flexibility in scaling depending on your current needs. Virtual assistants can be hired either for the hours equivalent to the task requirement, or on a monthly retainer without having to spend on expensive overhead costs such as employee compensation packages and office spaces.

  • You want access to a global pool of talent

Virtual assistance allows you to hire talent from different parts of the world, giving you access to a diverse pool of expertise. This is also especially relevant when you want to scale your audience to reach a broader scope. They can also work within multiple time zones to ensure your operations are running smoothly 24/7.

I am a Filipino working as a Sales and Marketing Manager for The Leadership Project, a Singapore-based company, with my office in the comfort of my home here in the Philippines. My colleagues are from Singapore and Australia, and we meet virtually on a weekly basis. I’ve been doing remote work for the past two years and if not for the pandemic, I might not be the hands-on mompreneur that I am today. While Covid has severely affected multiple livelihoods, it has also opened doors of opportunities for individuals to be employed in the global market.

If you feel that maximized productivity, business scaling and accessibility to a global pool of talent are for you, reach out to The Leadership Project for a free Discovery call specifically on virtual assistance.


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