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Feeling lost

as a leader?

Discover yourself as a leader. Find purpose and meaning. Uncover your values and beliefs. Develop your leadership credo to hold yourself to account. Practice daily reflections as part of a continuous learning cycle.

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Mick comes from a place of passion around the very real problem of disengagement in the workplace. Through his professional background and his immense knowledge as a leader,  Mick brings  us very real, entertaining and insightful stories from his own experiences and from other successful leaders, as well. He teaches us how to completely change our mindset as to what leadership can and should be.  For many, this will be a huge paradigm shift.  The reflections at the end of each chapter help solidify the learning and help us to take an honest look at ourselves in relation to who we are and who we aspire to be, as leaders. If you are looking for a book on leadership that comes from a place of integrity, authenticity and you have a passion for change, I highly recommend this extraordinary book "You're a leader Now what?"

- Jo Lanigan -

Master Certified Coach; New Zealand Director of Training

- Coach Masters Academy; ICF Coach Trainer;  Mentor;

Perspective Shift Coach


"A few weeks ago, a group of folks, including myself, wrapped up the flagship cohort of "Gateway to High Performance" with The Leadership Project. I have missed those late-evening, emotional conversations and smiles from my peers. What I valued most was the ability to work with an array of people from all over the globe, men and women with varying backgrounds and at various stages along their leadership journey. In the course, we were challenged to consider situations from multiple angles and through the lens of other cultures. It was a virtual round-table-type setting where we were encouraged to share regularly

and think deeply. If you are interested in growing your skills as a leader to

build high-performing teams, this is a great place to start."

- Kristen Rose -

Senior Product Marketing Manager

- Global Traffic Technologies