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How we launched an
Amazon Bestseller in 30 days

Mick Spiers is the bestselling author of the groundbreaking book “You’re a leader, now what? – The proven path to high performance leadership”. He is the founder and principal of The Leadership Project and host of The Leadership Project podcast.

The TLP Superstars created a comprehensive book launch and promotions plan to help Mick turn his book into a global bestseller. 


  1. To achieve bestseller status on Amazon.

  2. To establish Mick Spiers as an authority figure for stellar individual contributors transitioning to becoming first-time leaders.

  3. To maximize book sales of both hard copies and ebooks during the launch period.



  1. Competitive Market. The leadership genre is very competitive, and with multiple authors online competing for attention, book launch and promotions should stand out amidst the clutter of online content. 

  2. Limited In-Person Events. Social distancing measures brought by the pandemic have restricted the opportunity for authors to connect with their audience in person. 

  3. Accessibility. Purchasing behavior has shifted from purchasing physical copies at bookstores to buying either paperback or ebook copies in e-commerce stores. 


Our Strategies:

  1. Social Listening. We asked our online audience to vote for the book cover that resonates with them.

  2. Launch Team. We engaged The Leadership Project’s subscribers and sent personal reachouts to Mick’s network. By agreeing to be part of the launch team, they get advance copies of the book, and in return, we requested them to give an honest review on Amazon and on their respective social media platforms within 48 hours of its public launch.

  3. Launch Pricing. The pre-launch price of the ebook was $0.99 to drive traffic and buzz on Amazon during its first 7 days of availability. 

  4. Virtual Book Launch. We organized a virtual book launch which included acknowledgments of those who made the book possible and a live Q&A session with Mick. 

  5. Media Outreach. We invited the local media publications in The Philippines to join an exclusive book launch with BNI Xpress complete with press materials for media coverage. 

  6. Social Media Campaign. We curated a content strategy customized for each platform which included book giveaways, animated book promotion graphics, book mockups, an informal lounge interview with the author, and user-generated content to stimulate interest and engagement. 



  1. The book became #1 New Release in 9 categories and #1 Bestseller in 6 different categories on Amazon within 30 days from its launch.

  2. It has sold over 1,000 copies distributed across 5 continents and over 40 countries worldwide, with worldwide availability through Amazon, Shopee e-commerce platform and National Bookstore - the largest local bookstore in the Philippines. 

  3. It was heavily promoted across multiple Philippine Media networks and media publications, alongside a billboard promotion on EDSA - the busiest road in the Philippines with an average of 400,000 vehicles passing through it daily. 

  4. It was awarded Best is the Standard and Cover of the Year at Author Advantage Live 2022; two of the highest awards given by Self Publishing School to self-published authors.

  5. Mick has been invited as a guest to various podcast platforms, webinars, and public speaking engagements to talk about both his writing and leadership experience.




A book is like a business card that someone can’t throw away.  Being a published author elevates you as an authority in your industry. Backed by a strong launch and marketing promotions plan, you can focus on putting your thoughts into writing so you could leave it to us to do the working.

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