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Finding Fulfillment: One Woman's Journey to Inner Peace with Sloane

In the 176th edition of "The Leadership Project podcast," we were honoured to delve into the inspiring journey of Sloane, a remarkable woman who transitioned from a thriving corporate career to leading transformational retreats for women. Sloane's story is a testament to the power of alignment, self-discovery, and the pursuit of true fulfilment.

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The Beginning of a Transformational Journey

Sloane embarked on her journey in 2014 by investing significantly in a mentor to help grow her corporate law firm. During this period of self-exploration, she attended a conference where she was asked to envision the highest version of her life. Amidst recent personal changes, including a divorce, Sloane realised she wanted a close relationship with her daughter, a life filled with adventurous friends, and a loving partner.

The Epiphany in Paradise

Four years later, Sloane found herself at a private beach resort in Mexico, surrounded by the very life she had envisioned. Despite the external perfection, she experienced a profound moment of out-of-body realisation: she had consciously created her dream life, yet she felt deeply unhappy. This realisation culminated in the end of her relationship and a conscious decision to focus on building a relationship with herself.

The Road to Self-Aligned Fulfillment

Back home, Sloane started to engage deeply with mentors and self-reflective practices, asking herself crucial questions about true happiness. She began "dating" herself—going to the beach and spending quality time with her daughter. A pivotal moment occurred during a trip to Malaysia when she consciously connected with her daughter during a simple activity like washing her hair. This newfound awareness led her to launch retreats for women focused on aligning with their highest potential.

Embracing True Pleasure

Sloane's retreats were not an immediate success; her first attempt saw no attendees. However, she persisted, tweaking her approach and eventually finding her audience. Today, Sloane hosts transformative retreats worldwide, helping women step into their true potential. She emphasises experiencing pleasure not as an external quest—sex, chocolate, travel—but as a cultivated inner state. This true pleasure enhances all other aspects of life, leading to a fulfilled existence.

Overcoming Societal Expectations

One of the critical points Sloane discussed was societal expectations and their impact on both men and women. Often, people pursue societal ideals of success, which may look perfect externally but fail to offer true inner satisfaction. Sloane stressed the importance of moving beyond these expectations to find genuine joy and fulfilment, a concept that resonated deeply with the audience.

The Female Advantage in Leadership

Sloane introduced the idea of "the female advantage," highlighting the unique qualities and practices that allow women to lead effectively. She pointed out that traditional paradigms of success are often rooted in masculine principles, which do not always serve women well. By embracing their natural strengths and capacities for pleasure, women can lead from a place of true empowerment.

Emotional Intelligence and Its Power

A significant part of Sloane’s teaching revolves around emotional intelligence. She emphasised that emotions should not be bottled up but rather expressed healthily. This approach not only enhances personal well-being but also strengthens relationships and workplace environments. Emotional intelligence, she argued, is about regulating emotions in a way that works for us, not against us.

Final Thoughts

Sloane concluded with a powerful message on the importance of letting go to allow new, more aligned experiences to come into one's life. She encouraged listeners to check in with themselves, recognise areas of misalignment, and take steps towards living a more fulfilled, authentic life.


The discussion with Gena Gorlin was enlightening, offering valuable insights into developing an innovator's mindset through character change, challenging beliefs, practising self-honesty, and sustaining resilience. These principles are not just for entrepreneurs but for anyone looking to lead more effectively and live a more fulfilled life.

If you're inspired by this conversation and want to dive deeper into the builder's mindset and character development, consider exploring Gena Gorlin's work further. Her insights provide a pathway to personal and professional growth that can help anyone become a better leader and innovator.


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