Grey Leadership

Formerly a brave Jedi Knight, Darth Vader was lured to the evil side of the Force, developed into a Sith Lord, and oversaw the fall of the Empire. He wears all-black armor, including a mask, and exhales with a heavy, labored sound, making him one of the best villains in fiction.

As the Supreme Commander of the Imperial Forces, he does not settle for a decent outcome when he can attain a phenomenal one. He expects his team to work at full pace without deviations. He invests time in planning for a successful execution. Before acting, he waits patiently to gather all the facts to adequately design the strategy. Darth Vader took steps to capitalize on his team's skills and make the most of their strengths after observing deficiencies.

Sound familiar?

If most of these characteristics apply to you, you might be a "Perfectionist," and as a leader, it is best to reevaluate your leadership style.