Are you a leader seeking to take your leadership to the next level?


The world is facing a leadership crisis: According to ATD research only 16% truly love their job and like their boss.


Stressful Lives: 1/3 of people’s lives are spent in workplaces that do not inspire them or stress them out. The Great resignation has people leave jobs when they see no purpose & meaning in what they do.


This is set to continue according to a new global survey by PwC, with one in five saying they are likely to switch jobs in the next 12 months.



- Leadership Education comes far too late in most people’s careers where bad habits have already formed

- Most Leadership programs teach outdated thinking using outdated methods

- Sending someone on a 5-day leadership retreat has little to no impact


- We embrace the science of how people learn

- Underlying psychology of the triune brain, embracing emotion and storytelling to make the learning memorable

- Collaborative (or social) learning

- Microlearning

- Gamification

- Making our learning immediately, transformatively and sustainably effective


- These learning approaches happen to align perfectly with the learning preferences of the next generation of leaders

- Research from Alliance Virtual Offices shows that millennials will form about 75% of the global workforce by 2025. They represent the current and future generation of leaders coming through

- Our learning approach aligns with their needs and preferences

Blue Smoke

This certification program is designed to help you overcome the common mistakes most leaders make; develop a learning mindset; lead with purpose and meaning, gain confidence in effective communication, and lead a sustainable high-performance team by becoming the leader you wish you always had.

Fundamentals Of High-Performance Leadership


Leadership is all about how you relate to people. EQ is proven better predictor of success than IQ. Good news is, EQ can be taught, like a muscle which can be trained and practiced. Know more about this self-paced course through The Leadership Project Academy's online learning platform Lead and inspire high-performing teams through familiarity of the 5 Focus areas of Emotional Intelligence: Self Awareness, Self Management, Self Motivation, Empathy, and Relationships

The Emotionally Intelligent Leader


This comprehensive certification program not only covers the fundamental tools that you need to breakthrough as a leader, but also covers the essentials of sustaining a high-performance team such as Diversity, Equity and Inclusion; developing team charters of high-performing teams, and applying leadership into practice. Learn from actual experiences of different leaders from across the globe at different levels of experience, from diverse backgrounds and varying sets of culture.

Gateway to High-Performance Leadership


This Program helps you overcome your limiting beliefs and roadblocks as a coach by teaching you how to market who you are so that you can find ideal clients that will willingly trust you and the coaching process.

You're A Coach, Now What?


Authenticity is something that we all look for in a leader. When a leader shows up as authentic it builds trust and allows other to also show up as their authentic selves. But do you know how to find your true self and embrace authenticity as a leader?

Authenticity in Leadership

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